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Workshops Offered

Please reach out to bring a workshop to your school or program.

Explorative Workhops

Workshops below are tailored to fit specific needs of each program or school. Please reach out to discuss individual needs.

Peace, Love, and Improv

(Last offered at Lawrence Free State Highschool, 2018)

Workshop Exploration: Integrating the “Yes, and” principle with Love. This workshop focused on following the choice of Love over Hate and Anger.


Dialects for Days

(Last Offered at Coffeyville Community College, 2018)

Workshop Exploration: Centered on understanding and implementing the R.P. and Irish dialect. Improv conversation and performance at the end of the day.


Shakespeare’s Breath

(Last Offered at Coffeyville Community College, 2018)

Workshop Exploration: Infused Shakespeare’s language with three styles of breathing: Guthrie, Linklater, and Feldenkrais.


Remove the Clutter

(Last Offered at Labette County Highschool, 2018)

Workshop Exploration: Used Lessac Body NRGs (Buoyancy, Radiancy, and Potency) in a group to experience Self-to-Self and Self-to-Other connection.


“Yes and…” Until We Both Die

(Last Offered at Labette County Highschool, 2018)

and Lawrence Free State Highschool, 2018

Workshop Exploration: Brief mill & seed to connect the group. We played a game called “Me Too-Sandwich”. The group broke down into two lines to experience ‘yes and…’ from their partners. Group exploration of ‘yes and…’ concept and application in “Freeze”.


Stacking Your Expression

(Last Offered at Belhaven University, 2018)

Workshop Exploration: A brief physical warm-up to access our expressive centers and bring unity to the group. Juxtaposed the elements expression when performed at a level 10 and a 1. After a physical response was discovered using an element of their choice, we built an action using one of the five Major Properties.


Be Still and Know

(Last Offered at Belhaven University, 2018)

Workshop Exploration: Used Suzuki techniques to ignite the body’s awareness to itself and bring attention and focus to the actor. Covered the variety of sitting and standing statues/positions, meaningful stillness, and the slow ten-count in direct application to text and communication.


Major Investigation

(Last Offered at Coffeyville Community College, 2018)

Workshop Exploration: A physical warm-up and accessing of the expressive center to explore the five Major Properties from Michael Lugering’s acting technique.


Tuning Your NRGs

(Last Offered at Coffeyville Community College, 2018)

Workshop Exploration: Introduction and examination of the Three body

NRGs, Radiancy, Potency, and Buoyancy, and the Consonant Orchestra to create self-to-self revelations about the body, voice, breath, and speech.


Awakening the Body to Itself

(Last Offered at Northern Virginia Community College, 2016)

Workshop Exploration: Using the body, and its weight, to activate the trunk and branch muscles of the body. Physical explorations of the Michael Lugering work to discover individual tendencies and physiological aspects of personality and characters.


Teacher Training for Creation

(Last Offered at MS Arts Commissions’ Whole School Initiative, Tupelo, MS. 2015)

Workshop Exploration: Using improv and classroom style games to open up the possibility for group interaction. The point of this one-day intensive was to train teachers to improve their classroom dynamic.

Combat/Violence Workshops

3-Day Fight Workshop

(last offered at Mary M. Montgomery High School, 2019)


Basic Fighting 101

Workshop Exploration: (Day 1/3) Distance management, how to punch, basic reactions and selling points, and non-contact slaps.

Fighting with Purpose

Workshop Exploration: (Day 2/3) Shoves, non-contact and contact punches, learning how to take and sell a punch, headlocks, and two-handed chokes.


Fighting for a Moment

Workshop Exploration: (Day 3/3) hair pulls, contact kicks, falls, and combinations into 20/30- second fights.


1-Day Fight Workshop 

(last offered at Labette County High School, 2018)

Can be tailored to specific needs.

Workshop Exploration: basic grapples, punches, kicks, throws, falls, and how to use a crutch as an offensive and defensive weapon.

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